Serious about skin

The Ultimate Facial



I wanted to create an uber facial; a facial to knock spots off every other facial out there!  So I worked with a consultant dermatologist, and drew on our joint years of experience and training to devise a unique offering.

This luxe treatment comprises deep galvanic cleansing to draw out impurities followed by a gentle diamond microdermabrasion to remove any stubborn dead skin cells.  The skin is then sprayed with Cerasome stabilised Oxygen serum which infuses hydrating anti-ageing serums deep into the dermal layer of the skin where they will be most effective.  This is followed by iontophoresis: a skin therapy which uses a small electric charge to push targeted products into the skin.  

Who can benefit from this facial?  Anyone who wants a glowing, radiant complexion!

I want to offer treatments that will provide both instant and long term improvements to my clients' skins, and I believe that this is the Ultimate Facial!

If you believe you deserve the ultimate in facials then this is the one for you!