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Booking Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Treatments are available by appointment only, and will be carried out in my home-based salon. The easiest way to book an appointment is by calling me on the salon telephone number, which is 01635 297656. If I am unavailable, please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.

When booking a treatment, you will be asked to pay a deposit by credit or debit card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, or would prefer to pay your deposit in cash, this can also be arranged.

For treatments up to £20, you will be asked to pay the total cost of the treatment booked. For treatments over £20, the deposit payable will be limited to £20.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

If you need to cancel or re-arrange your appointment for any reason, I require at least 48 hours notice. If this amount of notice is not given, your deposit will not be refunded.

If you cancel your appointment with more than 48 hours notice, I will happily refund your deposit or re-arrange your appointment where possible.

Please arrive promptly for your treatment. Late arrivals will result in a reduced treatment time, charged at full cost.

Privacy Policy

Your personal details will not be shared with anyone, and your debit or credit card number will not be stored for future use. If I need to make a note of the number before it is keyed, it will be shredded immediately after use.

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