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Calla offers a comprehensive range of hair removal services for men and women using the award winning 

Perron Rigot waxes from France.


"I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my waxing!" FC - Basingstoke

For coarse hair we use hot wax (also known as non-strip wax, hard wax, or film wax) - perfect for the bikini area, ladies; facial hair, and for men. The wax "shrink wraps" each hair resulting in an almost pain free treatment. Once you've experienced a hot wax Brazilian or Hollywood you'll never go back to a warm wax one! For all other areas we use the Perron Rigot cartridge roller waxes.


We carry out a thorough consultation prior to waxing and we provide you with written aftercare advice too.


We gently clean your skin and a thin layer of oil is applied to create a lipid barrier. This helps to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin, just to the hair. After waxing we soothe your skin with a healing lotion, and finish with a nourishing cream.

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