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Red Vein/Thread Vein/Skin Tag Removal



You know those annoying little red blemishes on your face, and those irritating tags of skin that catch on your collar, or your bra strap? Well, these need not be a nuisance any more! Using the latest electrolysis technology from Apilus we can treat and permanently remove facial telangiectasia, spider naevi, red veins, thread veins, (below left) skin tags (below right) and milia (whiteheads). Now that the NHS won't treat these because it's deemed to be a "cosmetic" treatment, it can cost many hundreds of pounds to have them dealt with in a private hospital. Here at Calla Salon we can remove these from just £85.




Come in for a free, no obligation consultation and patch test, then say goodbye to blemishes and hello to a more beautiful you!

Prices start from £85 for a 30 minute treatment.



Licensed with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to carry out electrolysis treatments.

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